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I also own a WP5X6GN899ZB Wallpapers HD website and my first impediment was about how to promote my website.This is my first website related to wallpapers and I was wondering what methods is using a webmaster for a website related to this niche and I’ve decided to create my own way of promoting this kind of website and I will explain to you how I’ve done this in 5 simple steps.

Choosing a nice domain name – Each webmaster, before starting to build a new website, must to find a proper domain that is related to website’s niche.When I’ve decided to start a wallpapers website, I was thinking that my domains must have included the word “wallpaper/s”.I’ve started to search a domain that includes that word and I’ve found that was a expired domain.You can see more tips about how to find nice domain name in one of my previous articles : 5 tips to choose a nice domain name .

On-Page Optimization – I’ve installed WordPress on that domains as basic platform, because that’s the platform I like most.After installing WordPress, I’ve installed a few plugins there : All in One SEO Plugin, Platinium SEO and Sociable Plugin . I think that this is enought for a wallpapers blog, because he need just a little bit of on-page optimization and needs to be a little bit social media optimized.For optimizing “All in One SEO Plugin” and “Platinium SEO” , I’ve done a short keyword research to defining the proper keywords for my domain.

Off-Page Optimization – After deciding the proper keywords for promoting my website,  I’ve started to create a list with popular directories and a dofollow list that will allow me to get as many dofollow backlinks as I want.Here I’ve started my link building campaign that was the start for my new website.After that moment, in almost one month, my blog had been a PR 2 and a minimum of 500 visits/ day , so I think that I’ve used an effective method for promoting my website.

Submiting your wallpapers to social bookmarking sites regulary – Using my dofollow social bookmarking sites list ,I’ve started to submit my articles/wallpapers posted on my website like crazy.I was posting about 7/8 wallpapers each day and the visitors had started to appear on my website because of that list and because of the wallpapers submited there.Social Bookmarking sites are a really good source of traffic.

Use and for promoting your articles and getting quality backlinks – I’ve started using them a few days ago and I’m really excited about getting dofollow quality backlinks from them.I’ve also created a lens on about how to promote your wallpapers website but I’ve explained these tips summarily there, because I was thinking to post this article here, on my blog.Also, on I’ve posted a page about my dofollow list called Dofollow Resources .

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